Thursday, 28 February 2013

Eco Soc Bird Trip (27th February)

My first Eco Soc Bird Trip in a long time but well worth the wait for a nice afternoon trip to Hayle.  Behaving rather like "dudes", we had a stroll around Carnsew Basin and did a bit of scanning through the selection of waders and gulls from the car par of the Old Quay House (a pub at the south end ofthe tidal mudflat).  We got a couple of Meditteranean Gulls, Bar-tailed Godwits, hundreds of Wigeon and a female Goosander resting on the bank.  From the footpath around Carnsew Basin I only had a few minutes to scan the gull flock  but thanks to Greg, we soon had a yellow legged gull sp. (possibly the omissus variety of argentatus) although the fact that it was almost entirely hidden behind a Lesser Black-backed left us with an inconclusive ID.  Also of note were large numbers of Dunlin, Turnstones a Stonechat and a nice showy group of Shags at the beach (our final stop for the afternoon).

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