Thursday, 15 November 2012

Self-found Browed! (15th November)

Finally, is all I can say.  After my first lecture of the day ended at 1ish, I was in debate whether I should go out briefly just to check the local patch.  With only an hour to spare, I finally decided I would go just up the road to my closest public footpath, after all, I should be keeping up a local patch now that I live in Cornwall.  A good decision it certainly was.  I checked the surrounding fields watching a flock of 28+ Lapwing Vanellus vanellus swirling around then moved on further up the path.  I could hear Long-tailed Tits Aegithalos caudatus ahead and was partly debating whether to turn back when it came to mind that I should probably just go through the small extra effort of walking the few additional steps up the path just to check there weren't any YBrowed's hanging around with them.  Barely seconds later and I was staring gobsmacked at a BROWED WARBLER!  I could barely believe the chances.  It performed rather well and was feeding in the maple tree, relatively low down, showing all the obvious features but as always when confronted with scarcity (or any rarity for that matter) all the ID features you have crammed into your head seem to leave.  Unfortunately I couldn't hang around for a certain ID to make sure it wasn't Hume's as I had to get back to uni for lectures so I promised I would be back for it as soon as the statistics was over.

Skip a few hours and I was back on the path, the statistics test thankfully now behind me and infront of me was the Browed Warbler again.  I had barely refound it when it turned its back and fled, unfortunately I couldn't relocate it in the dwindling light so it seems its a task for tomorrow morning.


  1. nice find Samuel it sounds like one of those situations "right time right place".

  2. If there was a serious possibility of a Hume's, you should have stuck it out rather than going to a stats class - you can get the stats info of the net at any later date...