Friday, 8 March 2013

Dolphins on the Patch! (8th March)

Yet another trip down to Swanpool this afternoon to photograph more birds for the field notebook.  Yet again the Water Rail at Swanpool was showing fairly well but I gave it a rather large crumb of bread which seemed to fill it up sufficiently so that it didn't bother making another appearance.  Otherwise, it was fairly quiet and most birds seemed a bit less approachable, even the gulls, so I trudged my way up to Pennance Point for a bit of a break from the non-cooperative birds.  I was just scrambling through the brambles to reach my favourite spot for sea-watching at Pennance Point when I suddenly realised the unmistakable shape of a cetaceans dorsal fin break the water!  I rushed across to reach the point at the cliff and soon had stunningly close views of a pod of 4 Bottlenose Dolphins casually passing the point and heading into Swanpool Bay!  They hung around for at least 15-20 minutes before moving gradually in the direction of Gylly beach were I lost them.

Bottlenose Dolphins

Also saw my first butterfly sp. of the year at Tremough Campus although it was only a flypast so couldn't get an ID but it looked possible for a Red Admiral.

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  1. Hi Samuel,
    your day was certainly more interesting then mine. Wonderful to come across these lovely creatures in the water unexpectedly whilst looking for smaller ones in the sky. Hard work to be outside for all those hours but rewarding too I can imagine. Love Mum