Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Death by Dusky (5th December)

Its been nearly 2 weeks since the Dusky was first seen in Swanvale and only a handful of selected birders have been lucky enough to see it, not including myself obviously!  I spent the day wandering around staring at a bunch of sallows from dawn till dusk hoping to see the little brown job but had to call it a day after another gutting dip.  Anyway, on the brighter side there were a few highlights including several Firecrest working their way through the low canopy, anywhere between 2-4 individuals, a Water Rail running around in the mud and a Robin feeding out of my hand!

Robin on the hand, always nice to be a dude once in a while


and again.......

and even again......... It was literally never full

I was also pleased to eventually set eyes on the Siberian tristis Chiffchaff that also been seen on and off in the past week.  Probably one of the best highlights of the day, however, were 3 WAXWING which I picked out flying overhead in a westerly direction whilst at Swanvale with Dan.  As a break from staring blankly at the trees, Dan and I moved on around Swanpool to the beach.  Not much of note to be honest except 1 Guillemot off Castle Beach, 2 Stonechats, a Black Redstart and a Song Thrush nearly colliding with a hotel window.

Black Redstart and Stonechat at Castle Beach

The day ended as it started with another long stake out for the Dusky.  A few extra eyes on the scene but still none of us could get any positive ID on any of the potential birds.

Finally, I heard a female Tawny Owl calling on campus on my ride back.

Also woke up a few days back to the call of a flyover Curlew whilst on campus.

PS. Sorry about the multiple videos!

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