Thursday, 6 December 2012

Bittern still at College (6th December)

A very brief trip down to College with some friends to stake out the Bitterns and do some photography.  I ended up only birding and left the photography to the others.  We eventually bumped into the Bittern on the west side but we approached it unaware and only saw it in flight as we had accidentally flushed it near the path on the west side of the reservoir.  I managed to refind it briefly, after scrambling through the undergrowth and muddy edge to the reservoir but it only popped its head out before disappearing again.  There were plenty of Snipe about too and at least 1 female Goldeneye.  I think I found the American/Eurasian Wigeon hybrid but it was too distant for a certain ID as I connected with it from the north bank, right at the opposite end of the reservoir as to where it was hanging around with the rest of the Wigeon. Still a reasonable amount of activity and would still highly recommend local birding at the moment around the Falmouth area, it's really hotting up! Well done to all those local birders who have got out there in the past couple of days and found some of the good birds I've been twitching, much appreciated!

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