Sunday, 20 May 2012

Local Patch, Fields behind the RSSKL (20th May)

My mood has improved since yesterday, despite no radical change in my fortune (I have no idea why it is so low as I have finished schooling for ever, only the exams to come now!).  However, I did take a morning walk behind the RSSKL with Theo which brightened my spirits a little.  Noted several Red Kites, 1-2 Buzzards and 1 Kestrel.  Middle Farm also had the usual array of farmland birds including several Linnets, and at least 4 Stock Dove.  The hedgerow near Langleybury Farm produced a singing Lesser Whitethroat.  However, despite waiting for some time for it to appear I never even caught a glimpse of the bird (unsurprising as it was singing deep within a dense hedge).  The same area also hosted a ♂ Yellowhammer, dozens of Swallows, 1 House Martin and a few Swifts.

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