Thursday, 24 May 2012

Local Patch (23rd May)

Once again I was walking Theo during the afternoon around the local patch.  I decided to take a slightly different route leading to Berrybushes Wood were the farmland is less intensively farmed and wildlife is generally more abundant.  This was soon apparent when I heard the screams of Swifts overhead, looking up, there was no sign of the Swifts instead I had my first 2 HOBBIES of the year which circled high overhead, gradually moving closer into the line of the Sun were I lost them.  Also of note were 2 Whitethroats, several Yellowhammers and Butterflies including Peacock's, Small Whites and Orangetips.  In the north western corner of Berrybushes Wood I was glad to find a single MARSH TIT calling loudly in the small line of pine trees, a bird I rarely see on my local patch so always welcome.  Trying to find anything in the fields bordering the northern edge of the woods was neigh impossible due to a massive stream of flying insects continuously flying into my face so not much else of note.

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