Friday, 17 February 2012

Fields behind the RSSKL (16th February)

  • cloud 3/3 shade 1/3
  • wind 0-1/3
  • temp. 1/3
Little had changed since yesterday (weather wise) but by the time I left the house (16:25pm) the bird life had changed noticeably.  Fieldfare and Redwing numbers have declined sharply since the presence of ice and snow and now only occasional small flocks are of note.  From the first field behind the RSSKL (area E+F) 1 Yellowhammer flew over, followed by a group of 3 Greylag Geese and 1 Cormorant flying together in V-formation south (an unusual record for this location).  After crossing the A41 bridge the birdlife tends to improve, this time 1 Green Woodpecker bounded away over the grass field in area J, 1 Kestrel was hovering over the same field and 8 Fieldfare together with 2 Redwing were perched in the line of trees between area H and I (in the cow field).  Jackdaws were also heading overhead and the passage manly consisted of pairs heading in a ENE direction, perhaps going to roost at Long Dean.  In total I recorded 47 Jackdaws in groups as follows, 18(mainly flying as pairs)+2+2+2+2+3+2+2+1+2+2+7, the later feeding in a field with 52 Rooks.  In my opinion there is a clear tendency for Jackdaws to head to a roost sight in pairs, this may suggest that pairs remain together, even during the winter season and possibly even feed together and mate together for life, a rather large assumption I know but I still need to be enlightened on the subject.  Other birds of note included 14 Fieldfare, 22prob. Linnet, 1 calling Buzzard, a further 5 Fieldfare in area E+F and 1 calling Green Woodpecker.

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