Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Cassio. Park and behind the KL School

Unfortunately didn't get to go sailing today as the minibus was full but I did see 10+ Ring-necked Parakeets in the north-east corner of Cassio. Park on my way to school.  Also went behind the KL School to check the playing fields for gulls however, due to crazy motorbikes making excessive noise very few birds decided to stay.  As a result I viewed over the village and Hemel Hempstead from Barnes Lane were 100's of House Martins were concentrated over the village fisheries and stretching to Hemel.  I only saw the beginnings of the crow roost as I saw a flock of 20+ Jackdaws fly over the Nash Mills woods followed by smaller groups of c.4 birds.  10+ Meadow Pipits also flew around over the uncut pasture field next to the farm infront of Barnes Lane.  Thought I'd also try to see the Little Owl that is often further down Barnes Lane, as usual the ad. Little Owl was perched on the usual horizontal poplar branch and allowed excellent views.

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