Friday, 12 June 2015

BEE-EATERS!! (5th June)

As it turned out I was supposed to be at work on Friday (cleaning caravans at Perran Sands as a temp job).  However, the guy providing me with a lift forgot to pick me up so as usual I was stranded on patch.  Given that I already had my bins and scope to hand I decided to go straight to Pendennis to pass the time.  Seawatching produced little of note so I continued to bike it to Swanpool where equally little was of note.  Getting rather tired of patching I decided to push myself a little further by walking the rest of the way to Maenporth and Rosemullion until I decided to give up.  As was soon to be revealed this flourished into a brilliant outcome.  The full walk encompassed a great variety of butterflies includig 11+ Painted Ladys, 1 Clouded Yellow, multiple Orange-tip, Red Admiral, Small Copper, Common Blue, Speckled Wood and Wall Brown.

Arriving at Bream Cove, I crossed the brook and was just contemplating its resemblance to the valley at Porthgwarra which in turn reminded me of the 4 Bee-eaters that were there yesterday.  This triggered me to fantasise about the possibility of Bee-eaters here but yet again I assumed I was expecting too much.  Gravitating my mind back to reality, I scrambled around the back of some bushes for a piss which is when I heard a couple purring trills.  These did tug at my conscience enough to contemplate Bee-eater but even so it wasn't convincing enough so it was only when I had swung my rucksack back over my shoulder that I decided to glance upwards in search of the sound to be greeted with the spectacularly stunning sight of 2 BEE-EATERS!!!  Panic shortly ensued knowing this was a dead-spot for any internet signal (as I found out earlier in the year when I encountered the King Eider after several days of absence and tried to get the news out).  Thankfully I managed to get the news through to John St Ledger, Dan and Simon but after having lingered for a minute or two in the top of a tall oak tree both birds took flight, circled up a little and then flew SW.

one of the two Bee-eaters at Bream Cove

The valley at Nansidwell Farm leading into Bream Cove

Bream Cove

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