Sunday, 5 January 2014

Simply Staines (5th January)

A full mornings birding down at Staines Reservoir before moving on to the Moor later in the afternoon.

Nothing particularly amazing but it was nice to revisit the res's as the open water and extensive views across both basins gives me something to scan through.  On arrival, there wasn't much to point out but as I worked my way along the causeway I encountered a confiding Black-necked Grebe hugging to the bank of the causeway providing an excellent opportunity to study it close up.  The second Black-necked Grebe was behaving rather differently and was pelting about at high speed between all the comparatively relaxed Pochard on the opposite side of the south basin.

A drake Scaup was also pointed out to me and although it was initially spending the majority of it's time diving for food it did eventually come to surface and began preening.  An adult Mediterranean Gull was also on the north basin.

It was around midday before I made my way over to Staines Moor and although the walk was long and the path was extremely muddy, I eventually made it (although I had sacrificed my dry feet).  I followed the River Colne south and almost as I reached the southern end, I encountered my target species.  3 Water Pipits, all feeding together in the same scope!  I was alerted by the first as it flew in calling before coming to land in the boggy area on the opposite side of the river.  Although most of the Meadow Pipits and Pied Wagtails regularly encouraged them to fly, I was treated to some decent and prolonged views, a good way to end the day!

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