Saturday, 28 December 2013

Ivory!!! (21st December)

A twitch up to Yorkshire with Brendan, Dave and Chris in the driver's seat.  A couple hours in the car there was certainly worth the effort once we arrived and thanks to a couple stops on the way our legs still stayed alive and manged to walk us the final 1.5km to the pumping station.

It was here that we set eyes on one of the most fantastic gulls I've seen to date, a 1st winter IVORY GULL!!!  The brisk breeze did make viewing a little difficult so I worked my way to the front of the crowd and plonked my scope on the floor where I managed to steady myself and gain some more decent views.  None the less, it remained almost directly between us and the sun so a silhouette was the best we could manage and it spent the majority of its time preening its backside, which I must admit became rather dull to watch.

this Ivory Gull spent one and three quarter hours scratching its backside...

...but occasionally did this

Eventually... after an hour and three quarters, our wait paid off and it took to the air, did a brilliant flypast and to the glee of all those assembled, it came to land slap bang in amongst the rotting fish that had been generously donated to it.  As with all wildlife, it took full advantage of the situation and showed off for a good few minutes guzzling several chunks of fish down before it departed again to sit at the side of the estuary.

eventually some closer views

Job well done!

Next stop was Hornsea Mere to catch up with the recently reported phalarope.  It was only after a few minutes after our arrival that the shout went up and sure enough, flying straight towards us, was a GREY PHALAROPE!  It did the decent think and landed directly infront of the assembled group of scopes and cameras and performed well for a couple minutes before taking flight and landing back on the other side of the reservoir.  Other goodies included 2 Great White Egrets and numerous Goldeneye.

Grey Phalarope

Great White Egret

Many many thanks as usual to Chris for the driving!!

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