Saturday, 2 November 2013

Something for the Cornish Lads (29th October)

I was still sat in bed by mid-morning scrolling through facebook on my phone when I came across a mention of a Hermit Thrush.  There was no speak on which part of the UK it was in so I imagined some lucky buggers from some remote Scottish island were enjoying the beauty instead.  I decided to flick over to Bird Guides just out of interest as it was obviously stirring up more interest than I had anticipated.  I nearly fell out of my bed when I read the word "Porthgwarra"!!!

I frantically texted a couple local birders and soon got a reply from Greg who offered to drive as soon as his lecture was over.  Good ol' Mr Wills kindly drove there (skipping his next lecture) and we arrived on scene just after mid-day.  It was still relatively quiet as the majority of people assembled were local Cornish birders who were able to make it in time before darkness.

We first began watching from the car park side but I soon decided against this as the viewing area I was left with was not at all good so I opted for the higher ground and moved to the road on the other side.  This was a wise move as I was just walking up the road when I realised the people up ahead were gesticulating towards the leaf litter.  Unfortunately, I didn't get on the bird in time and I had to wait a further 5-10 unnerving minutes before someone picked it up.  A run of Chinese whispers and excited pointed went down the line before I set eyes on the HERMIT THRUSH sat rather startled in a tree.  It soon realised all the unwanted attention and dashed for cover only affording a three second view.  I was still keen for a better encounter and a long period of waiting ensued until finally someone noticed it sat calmly in a tree only a couple meters from the road!  I crawled down on the ground on all fours and spreading myself over the muddy ground and ivy covered leaf litter where I obtained some absolutely stunning views of the bird at eye level, brilliant!  I even had to contort myself upwards from a lying down position as it hopped up into a tree just above my head!  Awesome!!!

Hermit Thrush!

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