Thursday, 1 December 2011

Probable Waxwing (1st December)


I was extremely excited to see a flock of 7+ probable Waxwing in the tall (leafless) trees in the far south eastern corner of the WGSB grounds.  They were present and feeding between 14:20 and 15:10pm in the same area.  Unfortunately, I had no bins with me so certain ID is difficult.  They were seen during another of my Chemistry lessons and were also too distant to note colour.  However, a faint wash of buff/brown was noted on the flanks on one individual and the characteristic method of feeding was very reminiscent of usual Waxwing behaviour, as they fluttered their wings occasionally for balance (more so than Starlings and other similarly shaped birds), a possible glimpse of a crest on another individual was also a promising feature and size comparison was easy as a Chaffinch landed temporarily nearby.  The probable Waxwing appeared far more bulky and well built with less of a neck and slightly larger than the neighbouring Chaffinch.  However, uncomplimentary features were possibly too long tail feathers and it was difficult to tell what they were feeding on (definitely not large berries) although they were clearly foraging.  In addition there flight pattern was unlike Starlings as they did not glide prior to landing but continued to beat their wings until perched precariously near the ends of the twigs.


I am very surprised to have a hibernating Peacock that has taken up temporary residence on my bedroom windowsill.  Now it's a task of not accidentally hitting it.

Peacock butterfly, feeding on the squashed banana that I laid out

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