Wednesday, 23 November 2011

WGSB Gulls (22nd November)

A remarkable difference throughout the day at my school at (Watford Grammar School for Boys), in terms of Gulls.  My first gulls of the morning were the usual flock of 30+ Black-headed Gulls in the field just west of the A4251 when heading into Kings Langley from the M25 roundabout.  The same field has also produced 50+ in the past month as well as occasional Common Gulls, all only noted from the bus as I travel to Watford, so I must make the effort to check them properly.  The day started at 8:30am (as usual) with no more than 15 Black-headed Gulls in the concrete playing area, this soon decreased to 0 at midday.  After lunch I was surprised to see that the Gull numbers had increases again very rapidly with now 20-30+ Black-headed Gulls, 6+ Common Gulls, 3+ Herring Gulls (a much less common bird than the Common Gull at WGSB, consisting of 2-3ad., 1juv.) and finally an ad. Lesser Black-backed Gull!  For such a variety of Gulls to turn up so quickly were probably present in close range, possibly Cassio Park.

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