Thursday, 26 May 2011

Cassiobury Park (24 May)

On my way to school through CP saw 2 Mistle Thrushes.  Around 3:45 I took a break from revision for the afternoon and headed out into the park towards the nature reserve.  A pair of Chaffinches were feeding their single chick in a very vulnerable location at the base of a large oak tree trunk in the middle of the park (not to mention the dozens of dog walking past regularly) followed by a pair of Nuthatches climbing low down on the trunk of the same tree.  Just outside the LNR 1 Ring-necked Parakeet flew over and 1 Mistle Thrush called.  Inside the NR 2 Bullfinches were calling in the hedgerows leading to the hide and occasional Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps were still in song.  1 juv. Cormorant also flew over the canal but otherwise it was quiet.  Occasional Swifts flew over the park and probably totaled over a dozen birds.  At the Golf Course came across an occupied Nuthatch nest followed by a singing Goldcrest carrying nest material (although I am not sure whether I realy did find the nest).  A big shock came from underneath the tree as a 1 inch thick snake coloured dark green slithered into the woodland, unfortunately I didn't notice any key features or see its head but its length (+40cm) indicated a probable Grass Snake. moments later a shrew (unidentified) rushed out of cover (probably disturbed by the snake) and dived under a pile of leaves near my feet.  I found 4 occupied Great Spotted Woodpecker nests including two that were visited by parent birds (it wasn't difficult finding the nests as the chicks call continuously without a break and soon becomes unbearable).  In addition I also found 1 Blue Tit nest (with highly protective parents) and down by the bridge at the Gade River I heard a Kingfisher.

Yesterday, whilst in the garden 5 Coal Tits were feeding in the fir tree at the end of the garden (2ad. feeding at least 3 chicks).  The Blue Tit nest infront of my window also seems to have gone quiet as no more adults are visiting the nest and I haven't heard the chicks for at least a day and a half, hopefully they've fledged successfully.  The Great Tits are still in the nest although they are showing signs of soon leaving as they are exercising their wings and are approximately the same size as the adults now.

Just returned today through the woods and saw my first successfully fledged Great Tits, consisting of at least 4-5 young and both adults.

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