Saturday, 23 April 2011

KL Woods and the garden

An early morning walk around 7:30 was a good start today.  There were  at least half a dozen Chiffchaffs around the wood (some singing and 2 feeding in the canopy without calling).  Blackcaps and Song Thrushes were equally abundant and being equally elusive but still very vocal.  Other birds of note were 2 Goldcrests singing, 1 possibly 2 Jays and 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker was also calling.  From the garden this afternoon I heard and saw several individual Swallows fly over the barn and our house.  1 Blackcap was singing from an ash tree in the garden and most surprising of all was the discovery that a pair of Blue Tits are currently occupying a nest box in the back garden that I had put up earlier this year, they seem to be well on the way to completing the lining of the box with moss as they are now making frequent visits to the box.

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